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Entry #2

Triumphant Return?!

2009-08-08 05:48:16 by Sandwich91

Hwargh! *jumps onto the post* Well it's my Triumphant return! haha! *is ignored by crickets* anywho, my not so triumphant return isn't so triumphant at all, all i have to show for it is 30 drawings and a bucketfull of nothing. I haven't done any flash movies or games for about a year and i, personally blame school for this shortfall *waves fist at school* Anywho, i will attempt to have at least one animation before the end of the year and by that time i'll be old and frail, methinks, anywho i like the new art section, i'll just randomly stick my drawings up there in the meantime to make it look like im contributing to the NewGrounds community *waves NewGrounds banner*


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