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Triumphant Return?!

2009-08-08 05:48:16 by Sandwich91

Hwargh! *jumps onto the post* Well it's my Triumphant return! haha! *is ignored by crickets* anywho, my not so triumphant return isn't so triumphant at all, all i have to show for it is 30 drawings and a bucketfull of nothing. I haven't done any flash movies or games for about a year and i, personally blame school for this shortfall *waves fist at school* Anywho, i will attempt to have at least one animation before the end of the year and by that time i'll be old and frail, methinks, anywho i like the new art section, i'll just randomly stick my drawings up there in the meantime to make it look like im contributing to the NewGrounds community *waves NewGrounds banner*

OMG n00b!

2008-08-28 00:41:16 by Sandwich91

Well im new to this site and to be honest im kinda nervous about the whole process, i usually keep all my animations on my other site on Deviant art. And one of my friends kept hassling me to put them on newgrounds, well i decided to do just that and post all my animations on here! well... not all, just the really good ones, as of now im not really working on animating as school is chewing up all my time, bu i do however have to make two animations for design, so you should all see some brand spanking new animations from me before the end of the year, trust me i'll make them good for you. In the meantime i'll post some of my older animations that i believe are good enough to be up here.

The kind of stuff you can expect from me before the end of the year will be three large scale projects, that's right, i'll be animating only qood quality stAff!
1: A short intro to one of my stories, like a short ad for a movie, it will be fully animated to the start of whisper 2000 by evanescence, it sounds quite epic :P
2: A short intro to a made up game that features students and teachers in a duel for power to rid the evil librarian from her thrown of skulls and dictionaries!
3: A series of short animations that will be in a skit show, hope you all enjoy those :)

there are many more animations i am 'planning' to make, buuuuut they might never see the light of day as im lazy and i usually procrastinate a lot. XD